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Sim Video Opens New Facility in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia – September 12th, 2011

Rob Sim Honored At 2011 Csc Awards

Sim Video is pleased to announce the opening of our newest office in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. The Atlanta office will be the sixth location for Sim Video who has been operating since 1982 from long-established offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Halifax and Beijing.
Atlanta native and local production technician, Stuart Huggins (inset) has been appointed General Manager of our new location. Stuart has been an unofficial member of the Sim team for over two years acting as on-the-ground support for one of our biggest clients, The Vampire Diaries. Stuart comes to Sim with both a business and technical background and is strongly rooted in the Atlanta production community – specializing as a digital imaging technician and data manager for five years.

With Vampire Diaries entering its third season, the opening of an Atlanta office was essential to ensure that our client continued to receive the level of service they required, while Georgia’s growing film and television production volume further fueled the decision to set up a permanent facility. Georgia’s enticing production tax credit initiatives, seasoned production crews and diverse locations have made the state one of the top destinations for productions. Georgia’s tax credits offer an initial 20 percent to qualifying productions and an additional 10 percent break to films and shows that feature a Georgia promotional logo. The state boasts more than 274 productions shot from July 2010 through April 2011, placing it among the top five US states for film and television production.

Sim Video is very excited by the opportunities that exist for the Atlanta office and is confident that our added service offerings will be an attractive draw for Georgia producers. “Since 2009, we have been providing a wider range of services that are designed to deliver a better and more efficient digital workflow” said Rob Sim, President of Sim Video. “Our merger with Bling Digital allowed us to extend our offerings far beyond camera and post production equipment rentals to include expert Video Assist, Data Management, Digital Dailies and LTO archiving services. Since then our clients have been benefiting from combining our services to achieve better digital workflows.”

Sim’s newest office is located at 6425 Powers Ferry Road in the North West region of Atlanta. The facility holds over 3,100 square feet of space, perfect for camera and data-cart preps and, processing digital dailies.