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Sim reveals new logos and goes digital… SIM Digital

Toronto, ON – May 14th,  2012 

International equipment and production service provider, Sim Video, recently revealed a polished new logo and announced that the company would now operate under the name SIM Digital.

Now in its 30th year in business, the company has a lot more to celebrate than just a new name and fresh look. Mergers, acquisitions, geographic expansions, a new executive team and a growing repertoire of workflow services have recently catapulted the company to new heights.

While most companies wouldn’t scrutinize their brand in the eyes of such success, SIM seems to be a bit of an anomaly. The company reports their current growth and their plans to explore new markets as the key reasons for the change. The company merged with Bling Digital in 2009 with the intention to create a company that could provide the most comprehensive equipment and file-based workflow solutions in the industry. Today, the company is doing just that, working on top productions like Steven Speilberg’s Falling Skies in Vancouver, Vampire Diaries in Atlanta and the massive Guillermo del Toro feature Pacific Rim in Toronto. The Bling logo has also been revamped at this time, in order to more accurately represent the integration between SIM's camera and Bling's post services.

Founder and CEO, Rob Sim expressed reasons for the change, “SIM is a company that has always worked hard to be at the forefront of our industry and that means we are always evolving. While our name has served us well over years, the word “video” seemed a little out of place with cameras like the Arri Alexa, Sony CineAlta and RED cameras winning over the industry,” said Sim. “We have one of the most impressive inventories of digital cinema tools and cutting-edge services available and yet our name didn’t imply it. After exploring some options, we ultimately focused on choosing a name that simply reflected how the industry and our clients refer to our services today – and SIM Digital was born.”

SIM has been rapidly growing over the past few years and the company shows no sign of slowing down. Sim went on to mention that the company is currently working to expand their Bling workflow service offerings in the LA market in 2012 with the possibility of launching a fourth office in Canada.

“Productions see no boundaries on where or how they shoot today. Our clients need to have access to our equipment and services in any city or country they decide to shoot in so we’ve made it a priority to be more accessible,” said Jim Martin, CSO. “Change is always around us and that’s what makes this an exciting time for our company. We’re eager to introduce our services to these markets under our new design and believe that our revamped identity will serve us well in this digital age.”

About SIM Digital:

With offices across Canada, the USA and China, SIM Digital is a world class rental facility specializing in digital production equipment and workflow services. SIM offers one of the largest and most diverse inventories of the latest digital cinematography tools from top manufacturers including ARRI, Sony, RED, Panasonic, Canon, Fujinon, Angenieux, Zeiss, Cooke. The company’s services continue to grow through its highly innovative Bling Digital division which offers expert workflow solutions including on-set data management, video assist, digital dailies, LTO tape archiving and post-production equipment for digitally acquired productions.