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New Services:  Real-time RED to Avid Digital Dailies

July 10, 2009

Sim Video's Toronto Post Department has developed a highly efficient way to provide clients with Real-time Red to Avid Digital Dailies. Given the popularity of this camera system, Sim made it a priority to find a better and less costly solution by streamlining the workflow between the Red and Avid to produce time-sensitive but high quality Digital Dailies.   
Post Production Manager and Avid Certified Support Representative, Dave French explained how the process was developed. "Using our Scratch Cine systems, we set about working on streaming an HD-SDI signal out of Scratch into an Avid.  By connecting the two systems together, we can essentially create Avid files in real-time directly out of Scratch. Once these files are in the Avid, we can use the Red metadata information from Scratch to create timecode accurate sub-clips in the Avid.
"This method had several big advantages over other available workflows" explained French, "including the fact that we could transcode the footage to any HD Avid resolution in Real-time which is a huge feat for any RED Workflow.  After weeks of testing we were confident to put our new workflow to the test in a real world scenario. We took on a commercial job that required RED Digital Dailies job for a three day shoot."  
After each day of shooting the client delivered a firewire drive with that day's RED footage, which we then copied into the Scratch Cine system. The footage was fed into the Avid in real-time from Scratch, creating Avid DNX115 media for the client.  We then provided editorial with a firewire drive with the newly created Avid media along with copies of the Avid bins and clips.  The client was thrilled with the service and the quick turn-around time.

"This workflow was a big success" said French.  "As far as we are aware, this is the fastest method for getting Red footage into an Avid.