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January 30, 2016

On January 28th, SIM Group hosted leading manufacturers of cameras, lenses, sound, grip and lighting, post production gear and workflow systems at their 11th Annual SIM Technology Showcase.

Each year, the popular event provides members of the production and post-production communities with a unique opportunity to examine innovative new products, witness leading-edge technology demonstrations and find out from the experts how these new tools and workflows can benefit their businesses.

Arri, Fujinon, Sony, BandPro and Sennheiser were among the nearly two dozen manufacturers in attendance. SIM Group divisions Tattersall Sound & Picture, PS Production Services, Bling Digital, SIM Digital and Pixel Underground also hosted technology demonstrations.

Unlike massive trade shows, the SIM Technology Showcase offers a chance to evaluate the latest tools and techniques up close, in a relaxed, intimate environment. “Production and post professionals can talk directly to manufacturers’ representatives about new products,” says SIM Group CEO Rob Sim. “It’s an opportunity to gather information and to share ideas. It’s also a lot of fun...that’s why people come back year after year.”

Highlights of this year’s event included a demonstration of the Dolby Atmos immersive audio technology by Tattersall Sound & Picture. Used on a number of recent blockbuster features, Atmos produces sound that seems to flow around the audience for heightened realism. With broadcast standards for Atmos about to be released, Tattersall Re-Recording Mixer Lou Solakofski and Tattersall General Manager, Peter Gibson, demonstrated how television series can take advantage of the new technology.

“It’s not just about loud sounds,” Solakofski explains. “It’s more about the sonic details that add to the viewer's involvement. Atmos allows you the feeling of being someplace other than your living room.”

Other demos included: